2017 Jesters Fixture with Trinity College School

Tsc Fixture 2 

A word of thanks….

Extended to: Peter Hatcher and the generous Jester support team
From: David Wills and the TCS Squash Program

Hello Peter!

Once again, a group of lucky TCS Squash player-students has enjoyed a fun and valuable experience in learning and playing squash with the Jesters.

We had a great morning on court with you and your enthusiastic support team (Matt, Hugh, Molson), followed by a relaxing (and delicious) lunch provided by the Pecka family.

On behalf of the program and the School (and especially those who were lucky enough to enjoy this experience), I want to thank you for the dedicate effort you make to bring us this chance each year.

The boys are back on court in competition this week, and there is little doubt that their time in Toronto will make a difference. As our senior coach Sasha Vojnov has mentioned, it would be great to look down the road and consider hosting future Jesters events here at the school once our new courts are ready.

With appreciation,

David Wills
TCS Squash


2016 Jesters Fixture with Crescent and Lawrence Park 

The Jester's just completed a Fixture at Crescent School with a match involving Crescent and Lawrence Park. Both schools put forth 8 person teams and I believe it was a huge success in a round robin format. The Jesters with the diligence and hard work of Jamie Nichols at Squash Ontario helped make this event come together. Greg Michalski at Crescent School did the organizing of the games with a round robin format and all 4 courts at Crescent were put to good use.

The Jesters supplied all the food and drink at the end of the matches and it is very safe to say a good time was had by all. I have attached two emails (one form one of the LPCI mothers who helped make this event happen and one from Greg. Both emails indicate the level of success.

Crescent School - Thank you Wendy for hauling the students over and sticking around while the action went down! We all had a great time at Crescent and would love to do it again next year. And thanks again, John, for your assistance/organisation and all the tasty food at the end - always a highlight for hungry adolescents!! Good luck to the Lawrence crew with any upcoming tournaments.
See you down the squash road..... 


Lawrence Park - The Lawrence kids all seemed to have a great time. Thanks for hosting Greg and also John for organizing this and providing the food for the kids. Also thanks Jamie for connecting us all.

We could make it an annual event, my daughter Laura will be at the school for the next three years so just connect with me and I can set up the Lawrence kids. Our team though is not as well organized we have no squash courts and no team practices and no teacher involvement (working on that one)



2016 Jesters Fixture with Trinity College School

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Dear Jesters Club,

This past weekend, 20 members from both the TCS Senior Squash team and Junior Squash team visited the NSA for a three-hour instructional training session. During that time, the TCS players had the opportunity to learn new techniques, strategy and drills from the coaches, and even had the pleasure of playing on the doubles glass court!

We would like to sincerely thank the Jesters for making this happen. By providing a venue for this event, and enlisting the expertise of coach Mike McCue, the Jesters created an unforgettable squash experience.

But what made the day truly special was the dedication and love of the sport of the Jester volunteers, including three TCS Old Boys (Peter Hatcher, Molson Robertson, David Bogert) and Hugh Baker brought such invaluable insight and energy to the courts on Saturday, it was impossible not to come away with useful skills and lasting memories.

What makes the Jesters so special is their unfailing passion for the sport of squash, and how they are able to light the fire of passion in young people. I have no doubt that many of the TCS players will make squash a lifetime sport, and that can largely be credited to the Jesters’ impact.

We are grateful for the opportunity to work with the Jesters and the NSA, and we hope we can make this experience happen again in the near future.


Sasha Vojnov

2015 Jesters Fixture with University of Waterloo

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KW Racquet Club hosted it’s 7th Annual Jesters versus University of Waterloo Fixture on Saturday November 7th with the following Jesters in Attendance:

  • Clive Porter
  • Peter Hall
  • Ted Clarke
  • Steve Hisey
  • Bruce Marrison
  • Corey Martella
  • John Fredrick
  • Mike Costigan
  • Peter Olijnyk
  • Jeff Deverill


Thirteen varsity players from the men’s and women’s teams competed against a mix of Ontario Jester’s, University of Waterloo Alumni and KW Racquet Club members in softball and many were introduced to hardball doubles for the first time.

The University of Waterloo has a vibrant squash program with fellow Jester Clive Porter and coach Vinit Kudva providing the leadership and organization to deal with 42 players training with the varsity squash team this season. The team is hopeful that this will be the year to upset Western at the OUA Squash Championships in February.

If it wasn’t for the late Barney Lawrence and Clive Porter donating their time and money to the U of W squash program over the past 30 years we wouldn’t have so many Waterloo Alumni playing squash and giving back to the game in so many generous ways. Barney might be most remembered for his “larger than life” personality but he should also be recognized for igniting the passion for squash at the University of Waterloo and all those who were fortunate enough to spend time at the Kitchener-Waterloo Racquet Club.

Clive Porter said it best, “I really miss that big guy.”

A special thanks to Corey Martella for organizing the entire day including the matches, food and getting more than 40 people to attend this outstanding event.


2015 Jesters Fixture with Crescent School 

On Feb 2, the Jester's played Crescent School. In attendance and playing were John Hirst,, John Frederick, Ward Meek, Ian Fisher and Andrew Guilfoyle. It was a great event and good fun was had by all. Once again we have an invitation to partake in the same event next year.

Trinity 2015 Photo

On behalf of the TCS squash players that took part in the Saturday event at the NSA, I would like to extend a big thank you. This full day of squash is always the highlight of our season, and each and every player (and coach!) comes home with many takeaways.

We appreciate the work that was done beforehand to secure and pay for the facilities and instructors, as well as the time and effort that each Jester put into the event on the day. Their energy and enthusiasm was infectious!

We hope that the Jesters continue to partner with TCS in the future!


Sasha Vojnov


2015 Jesters Fixture with McMaster University

Fellow Jesters

Our afternoon squash with the McMaster varsity squash teams was an enjoyable and entertaining time at Burlington Racquets Club. Eight men and two ladies team members played several matches of singles and enjoyed some doubles experience as well.

Thanks to Doug Hamilton for organizing the courts and recognizing the Jesters support for University squash, Spencer Robitaille (Mac Mens captain) for bringing out most of his team, Peter Hall, John Hirst, Nathan Drew, Cass Quinn, Norm Crook for their non-playing moral support and especially to Mike, Phil, Mark, Connor, Al, Scott for participating and giving the Mac team a workout.

Special thanks to Jesters Sean McDonough, Al Cook and Geoff Shepherd who joined me in the matches.

We have done this for 5 years and the capability and enthusiasm of the "youngsters" has continued to increase, let alone their stamina (or is ours diminishing??). Non the less it was a fun day!!

Regards, Tom


6th Annual Jesters Fixture with University of Waterloo (2014)

2014 Jesters Vs Uof W 2014

On November 16th, 2014, the Jesters hosted a match with the University of Waterloo squash teams at the Kitchener Waterloo Squash Club.

Our contingent of 21 players, including the walking wounded (Bert Keene & Nathan Drew), was upgraded with the addition of Natasha Seth, Bruce & Liam Marrison, & Elliott Hunt. U of W fielded a 16 person team, including ‎8 females.

Special thanks to John Harvey for coordinating and promoting doubles. All the U of W players got the opportunity to play. Long after the closing ceremonies there was a lineup of U of W players waiting to get on the doubles court.

Thanks again to Mike Ma‎nojlovich for supplying the great "dark roast" coffee and Timbits.

As I said in my remarks the play of Bruce Marrison vs Cameron Seth & Scott Stoneburgh vs Black Reinson was the best singles squash to be played at KWRC in the 52 year history of the Club save & except for the exhibition by Jonathan Power and Graham Ryding at the Club's 50th Anniversary.

All in all a great squash day !!
Captains Peter J. Hall & Corey Martella


2014 Jesters Fixture with Trinity College School

For the 3rd consecutive year, the Jesters sponsored the Trinity College School squash team visit to the National Squash Academy for a training/coaching session. The use of this marvelous facility and instruction by 2 of their professionals is generously funded by the Jesters.

The group, consisting of 16 players and 2 coaches, arrived at 8:30 Saturday morning . While enjoying orange sections and donuts, Molson Robertson gave a thorough overview of Jesters history and activities, including the promotion of squash at the junior tournament and university levels. Shivani Ruperell, Executive Director of Urban Squash, and an NSA professional, gave a brief explanation of the Urban Squash organisation.

The format for the 2 ½ hours was to divide the 16 players into groups by ability and rotate them around the 8 courts for various drills as well as an introduction to doubles. The 2 NSA professionals were ably assisted by TCS Old Boys David Bogert, Paul Smith, and Hugh Baker, as well as myself. The TCS coaches are most appreciative of this Jesters’ initiative and very complimentary of the influence the NSA atmosphere has on the team. It is interesting to note the vast improvement in the calibre of play over the past 3 years. This is evidenced by the 3rd place finish in the recent Independent Schools playoffs held at the NSA on February 26th.

As a footnote to TCS squash history and Jester involvement, when the old hardball courts were demolished with no plans to be replaced, Jesters and TCS Old Boys Ernie Howard, David Higginbotham, Norman Seagram and Arnold Massey volunteered to raise the funds to build a 3 court facility. This has been a resounding success with the entire TCS community and now there are plans to eventually build 3 more courts. What a classic example of Jesters promoting squash!

Peter Hatcher


Trinity Feedback

Hi Molson, David, Paul, Hugh and Peter,

I would like to thank you again for a wonderful day of squash! The group had a blast and came away with many lessons learned and a deeper appreciation of the game. The “day with the Jesters” is one of the highlights of our season. Your time, effort and energy don’t go unnoticed. I will be mailing a formal “thank you” to the Jesters, but I wanted to touch base with you all personally.

I would love to have you guys come over next year for the TCS Alumni tournament. Please mark it on your calendar! It’s usually the third weekend in January. Stay tuned!

I’ve also attached photos of our last two championship teams. You might recognize someone. We’ve been waiting a long time (40 years!) for our 9th championship. Hoping this is the year! Speaking of the championship, it will take place at the NSA on Feb. 26th. It usually starts at 9am and runs until the early afternoon. It’s a great day of squash. We are currently among the league leaders this year, so we go in with high hopes. If you’re free that day, come on down! We’d love to see you.

Again, thank you so much for this experience.


5th Annual Jesters vs University of Waterloo match (Captain - Peter Hall)

On November 16, 2013, the Jesters hosted the annual University of Waterloo Fixture at the Kitchener Waterloo Racquet Club. We fielded a team of 19 players including 15 Jesters & 4 KWRC players, including Al Hunt’s son Elliott and John Kervin's stepson Ryan Rogers. U of W fielded a team of 16 players including 4 young ladies. Everyone had a great time.

A big thank you to KWRC for again hosting our annual match. To Mike Manojlovich for supplying Tim Hortons coffee & Timbits; to Mark for his hospitality; to Gary Kritz for coordinating the ever popular doubles matches; and to Jan for her work on the draws, name tags and organizing the wraps, cookies, & water.

2014 Jesters Fixture with Crescent School 

On January 23, 2014 the Jester's played the first of what we hope to be an annual round robin event at Crescent School and the students in the squash program. The Jester's put forward a team of 8 players vs. a Crescent team of approximately 12. Included in the Jester's team were several Alma Mater of Crescent, Ward Meek and Chris Deratney. It is safe to say everyone had a great time.

Crescent was kind enough to host the event which lasted for 2 hours. Crescent was also kind enough to make available drinks, fruit and sandwiches. Our thanks go to Greg MIchalski, the squash coach, who helped make it happen.

Upon completion we all agreed that a similar event will occur annually.